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Anamorphosis of Nu descendant un escalier,CELESTE!






Nu descendant un escalier, CELESTE!

In 1912 Marcel Duchamp exhibit Nu descendant un escalier at the Salon des Indépendants. The clearest key to reading the work is offered to us by Arturo Schwarz.
He said that in Nu descendant un escalier is represented.the construction of the unit of the Primordial Being, the immortal Hermetic Androgen
The contradictions between the male and female side of every individual are resolved in the reconstituted androgynous unit of the Primordial Being, filled with eternal youthfulness and immortality.
The perfect union, between the male and the female sides of every single individual, is represented in the symbol of the Androgynous as well as the ideal condition of the Creator, that state in which, having resolved all the contradictions, the individual, through the creative faculty, attains individuation or principium individuationis that is to say a dialectic integration between the conscious and the unconscious, between the individual and the universal.
All trends in modern art arise as reflections on their foundations, as peinture conceptuelle: in the open-eyed dream that is expressed in a work of art, it is possible to take a further step and express the paradisiacal dimension of the Androgynous in the color that it is own: CELESTE! On the curved wall of a circular staircase in a villa in Ravenna,Fabrizio Ruggiero constructed “Nu descendant un escalier” in its own color … Celeste!

Cartone for the fresco Anamorphosis of Nu descendant un escalier, Celeste !
Cm. 150 x 220 painted on the circular wall of a staircase in Ravenna. 1989-1994 (photo)