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«It happened such a long time ago... »

«It happened such a long time ago... » is a digital installation that Fabrizio Ruggiero has created expressly for the tenth anniversary of the Pecci Contemporary Art Museum in Prato, Italy.

The installation is located in the frontward of Pecci Museum during its construction and investigates how the virtual/digital work not only allows « the continuation of the dematerialization of the art object » but also how out of this dematerialization « new materialisation » are possible for the understanding and for the re-naming of what is real...»

The instalation is composed with two sculptures :

« Still »

Iron, cane mat, mortar, pigments.

Cm. 200x120x90.


« Ajjhaattabahidda va dhammesu dhammanupassi viharati ».

« Observing the mental processes as processes both from outside and inside ». Iron, cane mat, mortar, pigments.

Cm. 150x270x80.

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