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Reality can be understood only searching by for the coherence of its fragments both within themselves and amongst each other.

From this point of view Fabrizio Ruggiero 's " De Arte Pingendi Fragmenta" give support to Anamnesis: the process, according to Plato, by which «the soul in presence of sensible things re-finds itself again.».

Using the more recent language of analytical psychology," De Arte Pingendi Fragmenta" can be useful in the Individuation process, that is, to the dialectic integration between conscious and unconscious, between self and the universal.

In the Alchemy tradition as well as in the oriental doctrines exist the idea that in each human being dwells an energy, Shakti, that if, awakened in its proper way, brings the self to wholeness, that is to recover the unity of the fragmented self. "Rejoined Fragments" are metaphors for this process.